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The Power of Giving … with Thirty-One Gifts

“It is so powerful to see the impact our products can have in spreading hope—whether it’s to survivors of a natural disaster, refugees, or children in poverty.” —Cindy Monroe, Founder and CEO of Thirty-One Gifts. For the past six years, Thirty-One Gives (the charitable...
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Donated Products Transform Communities

If you’re looking to help the world’s most vulnerable children and families, donating your organization’s products can make a huge difference—plus it’s easy and convenient! Whether it’s warm clothing, blankets, lifesaving medicines, or other essentials, donated products help reduce suffering and restore dignity to...
Employee Engagement

Watermill Express Steps Up

Employees embrace the Global 6K Challenge BRIGHTON, CO — Imagine if you had to trudge nearly 6 kilometers every day to get water. Then imagine if that water was so dirty it caused diarrhea, cholera, and other life-threatening illnesses. For many people in developing...
Product Donation

Surviving Under Harsh Conditions

7AM Enfant donates its products to warm the hearts of families NEW YORK, NY — Children and families are at the heart of World Vision’s work in Zambia and Afghanistan. In these countries, many people struggle to survive under harsh conditions—and it’s even more...