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From the Field

Photos of the most generous places in the world

When our writers and photographers travel, they visit some of the most generous places in the world. They are received with hospitality, but also get to witness generosity passed on to others. Through their eyes and photos, see this sacrificial giving spread.


The importance of making time for play

How much time do you spend playing with your kids each day? For many parents around the world, spending daily time with their kids isn’t automatic. In Armenia, see how we’re training parents to be more engaged in their children’s lives … and how the children are responding.


Dear Rick and Becky, I hope you get to read this one day

Rick and Becky sponsor 12-year-old Menua in Armenia. When the World Vision bloggers traveled to Armenia, we met Menua and his mother, Anoush. Find out the difference Rick and Becky are making in Menua’s life and how important their letters are to him … and read a reply from Becky!