Why World Vision is in Zambia

Though the pandemic affected much of Zambian life in 2020, no major natural disasters hit the country and the agricultural output increased significantly after 2019’s severe drought, which helped stabilize Zambians despite COVID-19’s impact. The disruptions of the pandemic included school closures that set kids’ educations back, healthcare system challenges with inadequate resources, and economic fallout that led to a recession. With poverty worsening in rural regions and straining families, issues of child protection became more severe: Child marriages and domestic abuse increased, especially as children stayed out of school during pandemic-related closures. Online learning was often not an option for kids in rural areas without internet infrastructure. Thanks to strong partnerships and programs, hundreds of thousands of vulnerable kids and families are receiving the right support. In response to the 2019 drought that created lingering effects, over 505,000 people benefited from seeds and food assistance to help them get through the season. Nearly 1.5 million people heard preventive messages during the pandemic’s peaks, and about 3 million people were reached with child protection awareness, especially on the dangers of child marriage. Over 700 schools were equipped with handwashing stations and materials.

We never give up on people

World Vision child sponsorship looks at all the things that prevent children from surviving and thriving in their community, and then works with that community to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better life for all children. For sponsors, it’s a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need in a life-changing way.

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Progress in Zambia

Thanks to the generous support of donors, we’re making great progress toward the well-being of children and their families.

Healthy Children and Families

Children and families are well nourished, protected from infection and disease, and have access to essential health services.

  • More families now have a toilet at home, helping to keep everyone safer from diseases like diarrhea and cholera.
  • Thousands of children, parents, and caregivers were given education kits or training as part of World Vision's COVID-19 response, helping children to learn at home.
  • Women and men living below the poverty line accessed financial services like savings and loans, helping them to provide for their children's daily needs.

  • More girls and boys now have safe water at their schools, and more families now have access to clean water less than 30 minutes from their homes, preventing sickness and diseases that come from drinking unsafe water.

Education for Better Lives

Children have opportunities to learn and to develop their talents, young people are equipped for the future, and families and communities support children's education.

  • Thousands of books with local stories in the local language were given to schools, inspiring more children to learn to read.

Prayer Requests from Zambia

World Vision's staff in Zambia are asking us to join them in prayer for the following:

  • For government leaders to make the right decisions that will improve the living conditions of people who have fallen deeper into poverty from the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • For peace to reign in the country as people vote in general elections mid-2021.


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