Gift of a pig eases mother’s worries about her family

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 13. Here’s an inspiring story of one mother in Thailand whose family’s circumstances were improved dramatically through the gift of a piglet from World Vision’s Gift Catalog.

Story and photos by Somluck Khamsaen, World Vision Thailand.
Published April 18, 2012 at 12:00am PDT

Pratumthip, 31, cares for the pigs she received as a gift from World Vision's Gift Catalog. Malatui is the mother of 14-year-old Thanandorn, a sponsored child, and his younger brother, who is autistic. The children’s father is a day laborer.

The 31-year-old woman often cried about her family’s desperate situation, especially about not having enough food for her sons. She was also suffering because she did not have money to take the youngest son to the doctor.

“Before World Vision came to my life, I had stress, feelings of hopelessness, and worries about my two sons’ education. I even contemplated killing myself and my children,” Pratumthip says candidly.

“I had tried very hard to take care of my youngest son,” she continues. “He is 10 years old but still can’t speak, read, or write due to his disability. He is in kindergarten.”

But Pratumthip saw her circumstances begin to change when her family received a piglet through the World Vision Gift Catalog.

“The piglet gave me hope. We have raised this piglet, and we now have three,” she says. “I can continue to send my boys to school. I think I can live and overcome all struggles. Thank you!”

This simple gift has brought multiple benefits to a mother who struggled profoundly just to help her children survive.

“The piglet was a perfect gift for our family,” Pratumthip confirms. “It ensures a good income, and my boy likes to have pork.”

Pratumthip has been raising the pig for several months, and things are going well. The pig became a family member. Pratumthip says her children now smile more often.

“I know my son can continue to school, because we have raised [this] pig,” she says. “I am less worried about the future; we will raise more pigs and then [sell] one at a time. Maybe we can breed pigs to have long-term income.”

Thanandorn, the elder son, has received benefits from World Vision sponsorship program about five years. He enjoys school and helps Pratumthip with the household chores. Between that and the gift of the pigs, this is one mother who now has far less to worry about.

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Two ways you can help

Thank God for the relief this mother found through the simple gift of pig. Pray that she and her family will continue to find joy and hope, and pray that many other families in her situation will experience a better life through similar gifts.

Make a one-time gift to help provide a pig to a family in need, or browse the World Vision Gift Catalog to find another life-changing gift to give in honor of Mother’s Day, May 13.