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5,000 reasons to celebrate

An illustration of a shipment of aid headed to Zambia.

When a shipment filled with clothes, blankets, school supplies, bikes, and towels arrived in Zambia in October, it was more than just another container of supplies — it was the 5,000th international container of gift-in-kind products World Vision had shipped.

Product donations, also known as GIK, are important both for World Vision and for businesses. For corporations, they provide a responsible business solution for excess inventory by freeing up valuable warehouse space and are a tangible way for them to demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility.

The 5,000th container, filled with donations that will benefit children and families, began its journey from World Vision’s Pittsburgh distribution center in July and arrived in Zambia in early October.

If the 5,000 containers were stacked or placed end to end, they’d stretch more than 11 miles high or 38 miles long. The 5,000 containers also represent approximately 35,000 tons of potential waste saved from landfills.

We’re grateful to all our corporate partners and World Vision teams who helped make this possible.

The numbers behind the aid:

  • Nearly $4 billion in goods have shipped since 1983, both internationally and domestically.
  • Since 2015, World Vision has partnered with 869 donors to reach this milestone.
  • Since 1991, volunteers have served over 18,400 hours, which equals 100 full-time staff.

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