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Kianna’s family walks 6K for water

California mom Kianna Lyons doesn’t take water for granted. But she’s not only concerned about the water shortages that have affected southern California where she lives. She has a heart for moms and children in sub-Saharan Africa who walk 6K (3.7 miles) daily to bring home dirty water, and she’s determined to do something about it.

Change Makers

From Seattle to Syria: When worlds collide

They did not know each other, but simultaneously, their lives were plunging into an abyss. Seattle software programmer Cari Conklin was on a collision course with the Alhamdens, one of the millions of Syrian families caught in the crossfire of Syria’s civil war.


What to do for Lent: Love others

Rich Stearns reflects on Lent, a time of sacrifice and reflection leading up to Easter, as an ideal time to emulate the counter-cultural ways of the early Christians, whose faith was so attractive that Christianity spread like wildfire.