Podcast with members of Foster the People, MTV’s ‘Scream’

Hear an inspiring account how meeting a little boy named George started a journey to provide clean water to a village in Uganda. And hear about a trip with popular actors and musicians to see the moment when water arrived in the community.

Guests of the podcast include Carlson Young and John Karna, stars of the MTV series “Scream,” along with Mark Foster and Isom Innis from the band Foster the People. They are joined by Isabella Innis, who led an online fundraising campaign to partner with World Vision to provide clean water access in George’s community in Uganda.

The five traveled to Uganda in 2016 to witness the moment when clean water arrived in the community for the first time.

And hear how you can help bring clean water to children around the world through World Vision’s Global 6k for Water.

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Podcast music courtesy of: Lost Origins, Jason Hamacher and Joel Buckner 

The stars also recently appeared on CBS’ ‘The Doctors’ to talk about their trip and the water crisis.

And watch more about how they came to know and care about George, who was near death, struggling with typhoid fever contracted from unclean drinking water, and how his story sparked a friendship and journey to provide water to an entire village.

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