Peace on Earth: How to pray for conflict hot spots

Conflict in South Sudan has uprooted families and led to hunger and suffering. World Vision is bringing healing and sustenance to children and families in need.

Our world is full of hurting families and nations torn apart by war and violence, and it can be difficult to know how to help those in need. Through prayer, we can “seek peace and pursue it” (Psalm 34:14). Pray with us for conflict zones around the world.

Pray for Mexico

Home to dozens of criminal organizations, Mexico is plagued by drug-related violence. An estimated 85,000 people died as a result of organized criminal violence from 2006 to 2014.

Ask God to keep young people safe from involvement with gangs and drug cartels and to provide them with meaningful employment.

Pray for Syria

Now in its sixth year, Syria’s civil war has torn apart the country and sent roughly 12 million people — the equivalent of the populations of New York and Los Angeles — fleeing for safety. Its effects have spread to further destabilize the Middle East. Learn the facts you need to know by reading our Syria FAQs.

Pray that opposing groups will lay down their arms, and pray for refugees and displaced people to find safety and renewed hope for the future.

Pray for Afghanistan

Second only to Syria in its number of refugees, Afghanistan remains mired in conflict between three main armed factions. Heavy civilian casualties have prompted 2.6 million Afghans to flee their homes. Harsh conditions have left 1 million children under 5 with acute malnutrition.

Pray for the protection of children and families who have been affected by conflict, and that food aid would reach children who are suffering from life-threatening hunger.

Pray for South Sudan

South Sudan has been at war for three years — more than half of the young country’s five-year existence. Political violence spiraled into civil war, killing tens of thousands of people and displacing more than 2.4 million. A fragile peace agreement signed in August 2015 has done little to stop the fighting. Learn more about conflict in South Sudan by reading our FAQs.

Ask God to give both sides the political will to end violence and for families to be reunited.

Pray for Burundi

After a decade of relative peace following a 12-year civil war, political violence again erupted in Burundi in 2015. Fearing escalating tensions, more than 250,000 people have fled to neighboring countries.

Ask God to change hearts on both sides of this political row to prevent another civil war.

Pray for Iraq

Two years of fighting displaced 3.3 million people within Iraq; about half have settled in camps, host communities, or churches in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). About 10 million Iraqis need some kind of humanitarian assistance. Learn more about the fight to retake Mosul and conflict in Iraq by reading our FAQs.

Praise God for the church in KRI and leaders like Father Daniel. Ask God to give church leaders and aid groups energy to serve the growing number of displaced people.

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Conflict in South Sudan has uprooted families and led to hunger and suffering. The U.N. refugee agency announced August 17 that South Sudanese refugees in Uganda now exceed 1 million. World Vision is bringing healing and sustenance to children and families in need.
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