Why World Vision is in Ecuador

In 2018, many of Ecuador’s major media headlines were centered on sexual abuse of children. The year saw a 55 percent increase in reports of sexual violence against children —though high, the number is also a sign that more people have resources to bring abuse issues to light and address the harm. Though the rate of people living in poverty has decreased among the total population, children and adolescents are still the most vulnerable to poverty’s effects. Ethnic inequalities show up strongly in these rates, meaning indigenous children are more likely than others to be living in poverty. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and partners, more than 57,000 children and adolescents in 400 communities throughout Ecuador are being impacted. Programs focused on helping kids build reading habits, identifying and achieving their goals in life, and knowing their rights to protection from violence or abuse. Some teenagers were able to take university admissions tests, thanks to strengthened education. Communities were empowered and equipped with resources to respond well in case of emergencies. We’re also working with Venezuelan migrants, providing them with food, personal hygiene kits, and awareness of their rights to help ease their suffering. This year, we partnered with the national police to train officers in child protection and gender violence awareness. Those staff that were trained by our programs will take the information to thousands more of their colleagues, to benefit even more vulnerable children and families they serve.

We never give up on people

World Vision child sponsorship looks at all the things that prevent children from surviving and thriving in their community, and then works with that community to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better life for all children. For sponsors, it’s a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need in a life-changing way.

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Progress in Ecuador

Thanks to the generous support of donors, we’re making great progress toward the well-being of children and their families.

Child Protection and Care

Boys and girls are safe and valued, well cared for by their families, and participating in their communities as agents of transformation.

  • Through a collaboration with youth in Ecuador, recreational spaces and youth networks were created, where youth can come together in a safe space to discuss topics such as prevention of teenage pregnancy, gender equality, prevention of physical and verbal abuse, and how to create healthy relationships with each other. 

Healthy Children and Families

Children and families are well nourished, protected from infection and disease, and have access to essential health services.

  • Ecuador implemented World Vision's 7-11 strategy, which uses small group educational sessions and discussions to implement preventive interventions targeting mothers and children under two years old. This package is called  7-11 because there are seven interventions for mothers and 11 for children that aim to ensure mothers and children are well nourished, protected from infections and disease, and access essential health services.
  • World Vision Ecuador worked with community committees, community leaders and community health agents to raise awareness on proper hygiene, sanitation and waste disposal in the community.  Mothers were also taught about hygiene topics such as hand washing and waste disposal during small group sessions.

Education for Better Lives

Children have opportunities to learn and to develop their talents, young people are equipped for the future, and families and communities support children's education.

  • A family involvement strategy in Ecuador was implemented to improve children's reading habits.  Parents learned about the importance of good reading and writing skills, and how to support their children to develop these skills. 
  • Through a collaboration with local education departments in Ecuador, schools were provided materials and infrastructure to enhance learning.  These included computer rooms, libraries, and indoor and outdoor recreational spaces.

Prayer Requests from Ecuador

World Vision's staff in Ecuador are asking us to join them in prayer for the following:

  • Children will grow up in homes filled with tenderness and love, so they can spread the same love to their own families one day.


  • The country’s education reforms will be sustained to help children achieve their life goals.


News from Ecuador

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