Jerusalem/West Bank/Gaza

Why World Vision is in Jerusalem/West Bank/Gaza

Jerusalem/West Bank has continued to experience violence, military tension, and economic instability. Inflation has worsened the economy and affected vulnerable children and families, and cities and towns have experienced consistent unrest.

The tension between Palestinians and Israelis in 2022 culminated in one of the deadliest years yet for the West Bank. Children in these areas were left with increasing needs for mental health support and regular, safe access to education.

Over the past year World Vision has worked to provide mental health resources to 9,000 children in this region in response to the traumatic violence and military activity. We’ve strengthened programming that supports mental health and psychosocial support, safe access to education, and disaster risk reduction in schools. As a result of our work, 169,000 children were equipped with resources promoting their safety and resilience. We also supported 100 schools with accessibility improvements for children with disabilities and 98 mental health clinics to offer improve services for vulnerable communities.

Prayer Requests from Jerusalem/West Bank/Gaza

World Vision's staff in Jerusalem/West Bank/Gaza are asking us to join them in prayer for the following:

  • For peace, justice, and reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis.


  • For children to experience life in all its fullness, without fear or violence.


News from Jerusalem/West Bank/Gaza