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Why World Vision is in the United States

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One in five children in the U.S. lives in poverty. Years of research show that impoverished children and youth are more likely to underachieve in school and experience health and behavioral problems. Unmet basic needs cause a sense of hopelessness and the achievement gap for low income children is evident as they lag behind their peers in areas of social, physical, language, cognitive, and other academic skills.

Since 1981, World Vision U.S. Programs has worked to create environments in which all children are healthy, educated, cared for, protected, thriving and participating in their communities. Our mission has led us to work in some of our nation’s most vulnerable populations where poverty is high and opportunities are limited including urban, rural, migrant/immigrant, and Native American communities. World Vision U.S. Programs focuses on transforming communities in poverty toward fullness of life through the distribution of donated product (GIK), emergency and disaster relief (HEA), and educational efforts (KidREACH).

We work in six strategic areas across the U.S. where we multiply our impact by working with major corporate donors, thousands of volunteers and over 2,300 non-profit partner organizations – churches, community organizations and other faith-based organizations. Across our programs, World Vision U.S. Programs has annually served nearly 4.1 million children and adults and distributed 57,000 pallets of supplies valued at over $100 million.

We never give up on people

Together, we can restore hope for vulnerable children and struggling families in some of the United States’ most distressed and under-served communities. With your help through the Poverty in America fund, we can help U.S. families get access to essential clothing and personal hygiene items, food and clean water, school supplies, building supplies to improve housing, and relief when disaster strikes.


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Prayer Requests from the United States

World Vision's staff in the United States are asking us to join them in prayer for the following:

  • For our partners, donors, and volunteers who support World Vision and engage with issues around the most vulnerable communities in the U.S.


  • For the most vulnerable families and children that World Vision U.S. Programs is called to serve so that they may have hope and fullness of life.


News from the United States

Change Makers

Students fundraise for Ukraine through World Vision’s Ignite program

Young people have witnessed compelling footage of the war in Ukraine, including heartbreaking images of refugees and displaced families. Moved to act out their faith, students at Christian schools have raised more than $80,000 to provide Ukraine relief through World Vision’s Ignite program, a partnership that helps schools engage students and shape them into global leaders with a biblical worldview. Park Street School in Boston, Massachusetts, raised more than $16,000 through a walkathon after students, faculty, and staff established the “Children Helping Children” Ukraine Fund.

From the Field

What is coronavirus? Facts, symptoms, and how to help

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause the common cold or more severe diseases such as the coronavirus disease COVID-19, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and Middle East respiratory syndrome. Learn more about the ongoing pandemic and how World Vision is responding worldwide.