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Francis, 14


Timmy, 14


Claris, 6


Ruth, 4


Nivesh, 11


Everlyn, 13


Dorcas, 9


Clara, 12

Give the whole world access to clean water:

Water solutions you support reach one new person every 30 seconds!

Integrated Model

Motivated by God’s love for all, we believe every child deserves clean water. Children also need nutritious food, essential healthcare, and basic education. Parents need reliable livelihoods. Our work addresses the whole puzzle of poverty — in ways that appropriately bear witness to Jesus Christ, the Source of living water.

Sustainable Solutions

We provide more people with clean water than any other nongovernmental organization — most importantly, in ways that last. Community water committees ensure local ownership, maintenance, and financial resources to keep the water flowing.


Sanitation solutions, also critical to health, accompany every water project. A community-led approach motivates households to build, maintain, and use their own latrines. Schools separate latrines for girls and boys; ensuring girls’ safety and menstrual hygiene means they can remain in school.


Hygiene education and tools such as hand-washing stations encourage critical healthy habits that reduce contamination and disease transmission. In fact, handwashing has been shown in developing countries to result in children growing stronger and smarter.


Right-sized tools tailor solutions to community needs. Heavy-duty rigs drill hundreds of feet deep to benefit hundreds of people. Trailer-mounted rigs dig shallower wells at half the cost. Innovative hand-drilled wells help in remote regions. High-yield wells can be mechanized with solar pumps to help more people.


Pipelines supply water to people across hundreds of miles. Capping fresh water springs keeps clean water sources safe. Roof catchments funnel rainwater into protected storage tanks. Systems also include water for nutritious gardens and sustainable livelihoods.


About every 90 seconds,
a child under 5 dies
as a result of diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and unsafe hygiene practices.

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