Employee Engagement

Disaster Relief

RingCentral Employees Answer the Call for Hurricane Relief

The RingCentral community was ready. The em­ployees had always wanted to give back to the community, and RingCentral’s partnership with World Vision made that possible. This partnership was at the forefront of the company’s second annual “Connect Cen­tral” conference, which attracted 1,600 registrants. Since...
Employee Engagement

WEWOOL puts its best foot forward to fill needs

When WEWOOL launched in October 2016, the company set a lofty philanthropy goal for itself—to get warm socks to impoverished men, women, and children all over the world.  Founder Matt Siracusa was inspired to start his company after leading a breakfast outreach ministry serving...
Employee Engagement

Magna Exteriors Walks, Runs for Water

After avid runner Ryan Dwornik finished a 20-mile training run for the Columbus Marathon, he was exhausted. But then he thought to run another 3.73 miles (6 kilometers) — the average distance women and children in Africa walk for water that is often unsafe...
Employee Engagement

3esi-Enersight employees team up to give back

Caitlan Capps, senior consultant at 3esi-Enersight, believes world-changing results come from volunteering. Inspired by her best friend—LPGA golfer Kendall Dye, who partnered with World Vision to help build a well in Zambia—Caitlan recently coordinated a World Vision kit build for her company. By assembling...