Central African Republic

Why World Vision is in Central African Republic

Central African Republic, a fragile state, continues to face intermittent and localized outbreaks of violence which deteriorate further the already dire humanitarian situation. Due to the unpredictable security situation, humanitarian access has been severely hampered in the east-central part of the country, which is where most of the need exists. In addition, a cholera outbreak this year has not yet been contained. A total of 2.3 million people are in need of assistance.

We never give up on people

With so much happening around the world, it can be hard to decide where your money can have the greatest impact. With your help through the World Vision Fund, you’ll be meeting critical needs both today and tomorrow, helping people rebuild in the wake of disasters and empowering entire communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

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Prayer Requests from Central African Republic

World Vision's staff in Central African Republic are asking us to join them in prayer for the following:

  • Pray for safety for children from violence and that the security situation would stabilize so World Vision's work can continue.


News from Central African Republic

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