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SERVING PEOPLE WITHOUT HOMES: One pair of socks at a time

When Bombas’ founders, David Heath and Randy Goldberg, launched the company in 2013, they had what seemed like a wild goal at the time: to donate 1 million pairs of socks to people experiencing homelessness in 10 years. But in just five years, they’d

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SmartBuyGlasses Sets Sights on Giving Back

“Partnering with such a well-known charity has been warmly welcomed by our team members and customers alike and has encouraged a greater sense of brand loyalty for our business.” —Julia Ritchie, Merchandising Manager & Head of CSR at SmartBuyGlasses As an eyewear retailer, SmartBuyGlasses...
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Soapbox is changing lives—one bar at a time

“World Vision is an excellent partner. Working with them helps us to save lives!” —Cecilia Tran, Impact Manager at Soapbox When COVID-19 hit, hair and body care retailer, Soapbox, began looking for a strong partner to distribute their soap to people in need. World...

Adventurer Manufacturing

Adventurer Manufacturing is an experience driven company that has been building adventure vehicles, most recently in Yakima, Washington, for over 50 years. In 1969, Erdman Epp envisioned a company that fostered good business ethics and has worked diligently to ensure their employees have opportunities

Women helping women through Curves Fitness

As an owner, Sharon Gentry is committed to making a difference in her community. Sharon Gentry, owner of Curves Fitness in Federal Way, WA, began her partnership with World Vision in 1994 through child sponsorship. She has appreciated the work that World Vision has

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Comfortable socks for people in need

Two entrepreneurs on a mission to help the homeless. Bombas exists to help support the homeless community in the United States. David Heath and Randy Goldberg launched the company in 2013, after learning that socks are the #1 most requested clothing item in homeless...
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You’ve Helped Achieve a Milestone

Celebrate World Vision’s 5,000th international container You are making a difference in the lives of children through your support. Many of our partners contribute through product donations, known as Gifts-In-Kind. These generous donations are shipped in containers to help children in communities around the

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Donated Products Transform Communities

If you’re looking to help the world’s most vulnerable children and families, donating your organization’s products can make a huge difference—plus it’s easy and convenient! Whether it’s warm clothing, blankets, lifesaving medicines, or other essentials, donated products help reduce suffering and restore dignity to...