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Photos: Christmas around the world

Happy boys smile at night in front of a twinkling house.

Every year, as child sponsors, you bring the spirit of Christmas to children all around the world who might not otherwise experience the joys of the holiday. Through Christmas cards, sponsorship Christmas parties, and special gifts, children are blessed by your presence in their lives.

From us here at World Vision to you, we wish you a happy holiday season with your loved ones. And we thank you for partnering with us to bring joy to children like these around the world.


Street children bundle up in warm scarves and hats from World Vision donors.

Christmas is around the corner, but for children living on the streets and child laborers, merriment is often chased away by frigid cold. That’s why World Vision donors in Japan put their skills to good work making hats, scarves, and sweaters for children in need in Afghanistan. On Dec. 17, 2017, Christmas came early for these kids when World Vision staff delivered the cozy handmade gifts from afar. (©2017 World Vision/photo by Narges Ghafary)


An Armenian boy gets a soccer ball for Christmas

World Vision’s community social workers and sponsorship staff deliver Christmas presents to the most vulnerable children near Chambarak in northeastern Armenia. Davit, 9, dreams of becoming a soccer player, and he couldn’t be happier to receive a “professional ball from Santa.” 2017 World Vision)


Merry Christmas from a little girl in Malawi

Ndilimbira, 11, wishes World Vision donors a very merry Christmas this year. Through sponsorship, World Vision was able to construct a new building for her school. They used to conduct classes under a tree. Sponsorship also provided new school supplies to her and her classmates. “Top students will receive exercise books, pencils, and pens from World Vision,” explains Ndilimbira. (©2016 World Vision/photo by Charles Kabena)


Children hold up Christmas cards.

Sponsored children living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, raise their Christmas cards high. Each child received a special card from their sponsor. World Vision has been working in this community since 2013, focusing on improving health, education, and child protection. (©2018 World Vision/photo by Md. Golam Ehsanul Habib)


Children color during a Christmas party in Columbia.

In a small dining hall in Caracolí, Colombia, World Vision supports the feeding of more than 300 sponsored children daily, helping them to maintain optimal nutrition and health. But on this day, the children received more than just a meal. World Vision threw a Christmas party for the children. They drew pictures for their sponsors, sang carols, and each child received gifts — clothing, toys, and candy. “Thank you, World Vision and our sponsors, for inviting us to share in this celebration. I love you!” says 10-year-old Lorena. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Juan Sebastián Gutiérrez)


A victim of exploitation gives a Christmas present to her social worker.

Each year at World Vision’s trauma recovery center in Cambodia, World Vision staff put together a Christmas celebration for the young women and girls who stay there. The center is a safe haven for victims of human trafficking and exploitation. They exchange gifts and enjoy cake, plays and dance performances. Here, a World Vision social worker receives a Christmas gift from one of the girls. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Sopheak Kong)


A mother and two children read a Christmas card.

Seven-year-old Aye, a sponsored child from Amarpaura, Myanmar, is grateful for her sponsor, who sent her a Christmas card. She was so excited and happy to see it arrive. Receiving Christmas cards each year from her sponsor makes her feel very special. She says, “I am so happy to receive this Christmas card, and thank you very much!” (©2018 World Vision/photo by Khaing Min Htoo)


A row of boy students open red and green wrapped presents.

Each child eagerly anticipated what was to come — Christmas presents from World Vision and its partners during a very special celebration at school. Once given their packages, they tore into them with smiles and giggles, quickly comparing gifts among friends. After presents came games, treats, and other festivities. (©2015 World Vision/photo by Lanelyn Carillo)

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