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Life frames: Our favorite photos of 2014

In their own words, award-winning World Vision photographers share their favorite photos from 2014 that showcase World Vision's work around the world.

A game of jump rope in Nicaragua; a little girl dancing in Bangladesh; a mother’s pain in Uganda. In their own words, our award-winning photographers share their 14 favorite photos from 2014 that showcase World Vision’s work around the world.

Smiling boy in Zambia. My co-worker and I went to visit Godwin’s grandfather’s home in Zambia. While she interviewed the grandfather, I listened and looked around for moments to capture. I noticed 5-year-old Godwin with his gleeful grin and couldn’t resist snapping his photo. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Laura Reinhardt)

Taking a break from work in a restaurant, a mom plays with her daughter. Xochilt, 5, plays jump-rope with her mother (in blue) in an empty room of a restaurant in Nicaragua. Many times parents are focused on caregiving or survival so it’s fun to witness a moment of playful interaction. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Eugene Lee)

A young boy in Kenya holds baby chicks. Chickens in hand, Simeon gives a toothy grin for the camera in Kenya. I was smitten with his buck-toothed smile while photographing for the World Vision Gift Catalog. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Lindsey Minerva)

World Vision volunteers participate in a game during a conference. Child Ambassadors learn how a network of people and projects help keep children, or balloons, from falling through the cracks. I loved capturing the fun way of learning about sponsorship, and the colors and the laughter in this photo. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Andrea Peer)

A caregiver prays with a family in Zambia. Caregiver Joyce Muyanda, 42, prays with Burton Kantolo, his wife Jean, and their daughter 9-year-old daughter, Loreta, outside their home in Zambia. Joyce often visits HIV positive families like Burton’s to teach them about good nutrition and healthy choices they can make. But before anything else, she starts by praying with the family. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Laura Reinhardt)

Child sacrifice still happens. A mom in Uganda grieves the death of her son due to child sacrifice. Rehema Nansubuga at the gravesite of her son, Moses, who was murdered for child sacrifice in Uganda. Sometimes we have to tell the painful stories too, because those voices have to be heard. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

With missing or damaged fingers, a man holds a Bible in Peru. Feliciano Rimachi Romero holds a Bible given to him by World Vision in Carhuahuran, Peru. He lost parts of his fingers in an explosion in the 1980s after trying to remove a flag set up by the Shining Path terrorist group. I knew I wanted to use his fingers as a present-day reminder of Peru’s violent history, but I didn’t know how. When he showed me the Bible, the picture of his faith during those times became clear. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Eugene Lee)

A school kitchen in Kenya. The cook at Morpus Primary School in Kenya hard at work. When traveling, you come across stunning scenery and beautiful people — captivating in a very obvious way. What I love about this frame is it was such an unexpected moment of beauty. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Lindsey Minerva)


Clean water is life-changing in Zambia. Tebby, 5, drinks deeply from a World Vision water tap near his home in Zambia. The spray of big droplets frozen against the rising sun — and the knowledge that other children in the region were having wells drilled for them, too — made me happy to be up early in the morning. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

Teenagers play games during a 30-hour famine event in Seattle. Participants of a 30-Hour Famine event in the Seattle area didn’t let hunger stop them from having a smashing good time. Watching these youth from multiple churches and towns come together for this event almost made me want to be a teenager again! Almost … (©2014 World Vision/photo by Andrea Peer)

Malnutrition can be permanently stunting for children, but this girl overcame it. Six-year-old Belen sits at her desk in Nicaragua. Having learned she once struggled with malnutrition, it was inspiring to see her healthy enough to go to school. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Eugene Lee)

An education in Kenya is worthy of celebration. In Kenya, Morpus Primary School celebrates the arrival of visitors who helped fund new buildings at their school. The unrestrained joy of this moment is something I will never forget. For these children, education meant opportunity and freedom in a way that nothing else did. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Lindsey Minerva)

World Vision provided life-changing clean water to Benjamin and other families in Mozambique. Benjamin Gasolina, 59, grinned the entire day that I spent with his family this summer in Mozambique. Thanks to World Vision, his family now has access to clean water — that means healthier children and more food for his family. Benjamin has a lot to smile about these days. (©2014 World Vision/photo by Laura Reinhardt)

World Vision provides care for children whose mothers work in brothels. Sonali twirls outside a Child-Friendly Space across the street from a brothel in Bangladesh where her mother works. I love this moment because her carefree dancing and beautiful dress reflect who Sonali is inside. Her name means “golden.” (©2014 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

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