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Laura Reinhardt

Saved from early marriage by a goat

Children living in rural areas of southern Zambia face a thorny path. Education isn’t a given. Nor is food. Being an orphan limits access to these even more. Modester became an orphan when her mother remarried. The man her mother married would not accept a daughter...

It only takes a spark or maybe a goat

World Vision started the program Pass On as a way to keep the gift of animals reaching people who face the greatest need. When a family receives Gift Catalog animals from World Vision, they agree that at some future date — usually in about a year’s time — they will donate the same number of animals to another family in need.

Zambia: The princess and the people

Kasamba Moyo was born into privilege — a princess in fact — but now spends much of her time with people in Zambia who have faced hunger, sickness, and lack of education all brought on by poverty.