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4 ways World Vision tackles poverty in the United States

At World Vision, we are called to serve the most vulnerable children and their communities around the world, including right here in the United States. And we do it by providing a way for manufacturers and businesses to share excess resources with people living in poverty. In 2022, we were able to reach more than 3.6 million people through our various U.S. programs.

From the Field

Equipping parents with support and supplies in the Bronx

World Vision supports the work of community-based organizations and churches across the United States. The money that groups like A House on Beekman in the South Bronx might’ve spent on supplies can now go to further their programs. The organization offers free educational programs and also distributes supplies that families need but might not be able to afford.

From the Field

Serving from the steps of City Hall

At a street church in Hartford, Connecticut, Pastor Bryan Bywater serves people in the community who are experiencing homelessness. World Vision partners with the church and its pastor, providing donated supplies that help meet the community’s spiritual and physical needs.