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Uganda Bloggers 2018


When children give birth to children

In Uganda, 16-year-old Jane is a child who gave birth to a child, then faced a choice: pursue her education and dreams or focus on motherhood. Thanks to the love and support she has around her, Jane has been able to do both!


His sister’s keeper: Protecting kids from child sacrifice

Yesterday, 6-year-old Trevor’s body was found in Uganda. He had been sacrificed by a witch doctor. Our staff writer Kari is there in Uganda right now. Pray with us for Trevor’s mother, and see how our Amber Alert program is working to bring children home when they’re abducted.


Child sacrifice: Protection through pierced ears in Uganda

In certain districts of Uganda, child sacrifice is a real danger. Today, Kari Costanza writes from Uganda about 3-year-old Sharon, whose pierced ears may protect her. Read how a World Vision-supported amber alert program is helping to recover children that have been taken.