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Lindsey Talerico-Hedren


Where should American Christians stand on foreign aid?

As an American Christian, I like to think I do a fair job caring for the world’s poor — those in my own neighborhood and those around the world who have greater financial need than I do. After all, Americans pride themselves on generosity. And Christians desire to be known for their service to others. However, recent news suggest otherwise. How do we reconcile this?


Bolivia in 100 words

I can barely begin to describe Bolivia in 100 words — the beauty and the warmth of its people. But still, I hope this will give you an idea.


Prayers for Japan from around the world

After the deadly earthquake and tsunami in Japan, children and sponsors in the tsunami zone received drawings, cards, and prayers from sponsored children in El Salvador, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia, Kenya, China, and Ethiopia!


National Hunger Awareness Month: Hunger fast facts

This weekend, more than 8,000 students across the country will participate in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine. They’ll experience hunger firsthand, while raising funds to care for children who face this stark reality every day — going to bed hungry.