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Nathalie Moberg

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Righting wrongs for Romania’s children

MAY 1, 2014, ROMANIA — A quarter-century ago, images of emaciated children locked in Romania’s stark orphanages were broadcast around the world, crying out for a compassionate response. World Vision responded, launching innovative solutions for thousands of orphans — and other vulnerable children as well.


The gift of prayer

NOV. 1, 2013 — Just as God is with those in distant places, he is also with us, continually drawing us to himself through prayer. In this piece, using Matthew 25 as a basis, enter into each photograph. Interact with each through icon prompts, and steep in the details. What is touching? What is disturbing? What does the photo say about people who live in poverty? Move gently into prayer for these people who live in some of the world’s poorest communities.