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From the Field

Water facts: Good news and a global challenge

Here’s a simple fact: Water is life. Every human being needs water to survive. But the world is in a challenging place when it comes to water. Water is only getting more difficult to come by in areas affected by drought or conflict and as populations grow.

From the Field

Carrying water can be a pain in the neck

On average, that woman walks about 6K, or 3.7 miles, to get water for her family. Depending on the size of that jerry can, she’s carrying up to 44 pounds when it’s full. And carrying water that way could have long-term negative health effects.


Walking with the poor: Solving the global water crisis

Rich Stearns reflects on how when you partner with World Vision, you are walking with the poor. Mothers, fathers, and children feel your love and support across the miles. And with that comes a sense of God’s love. Knowing they’re not alone in their struggles lightens their load.