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Economic Empowerment

St. Valentine: Patron saint of beekeepers

There’s more to St. Valentine than Valentine’s Day, romance, and love. He’s also the patron saint of beekeepers. See how bees offer a sweet solution to poverty.

Microloans make unexpected CEO

Microloans made an unexpected CEO out of Jacqueline from Rwanda. She turned a small loan for a sewing machine into a business that employs 15 people. How?

From the Field

Blueprint to solve poverty

The end of extreme poverty is in sight. It’s possible that we could eliminate extreme poverty by 2030, and we’re closer than you think. Read the story.

Photos: Moms feed the world

With help from World Vision, moms around the world are tapping into their vast potential — raising, harvesting, and preparing food to make their children healthy and their communities more prosperous.