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Venezuelan migrants walking through Colombia try to hitch a ride. They crossed the border at Cucuta, Colombia, early in the day and walked through the city. The road takes them through steep terrain and high elevations where nights are often below freezing. Every Venezuela migrant has a deeply personal story about why and how they left their country. They say after months and years of struggling to make ends meet, there came a turning point.
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Venezuela migrants share their stories about why they left

Syrian refugees in Lebanon live in homemade tents in informal settlements. Few children are able to attend formal education. Nine-year-old Yasmin, a Syrian refugee, plays with her baby sister at their home in an informal tent settlement in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. She attends a World Vision Child-Friendly Space where she has learned songs, games, and stories she shares with her cousins and siblings
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What is a refugee? Facts, FAQs, and how to help

The Syrian refugee crisis is now the largest refugee and displacement crisis of our time. Because of the Syrian civil war, 5.6 million people have fled Syria as refugees, putting a strain on the region’s ability to cope. And another 6.1 million people are displaced within Syria.
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Syrian refugee crisis: Facts, FAQs, and how to help

God is with people suffering from disaster — the refugee, the earthquake survivor, the family facing famine. He calls us to follow Him in offering hope to the most vulnerable in their hour of greatest need.

Matthew 25: Pray for refugees, disaster survivors

For 12 hours, we walk with 5-year-old Jannatul through what a typical day might look like for her as a Rohingya refugee child in a camp in Bangladesh.
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A day in the life of a Rohingya refugee child

People walk away from Venezuela and across the Tachira River to Colombia.

‘Nobody wants to leave home and the people they love’

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Former sponsored child now helping lead refugee response in Bangladesh

The Iraq conflict has created an extreme humanitarian crisis, where about 2.3 million people remain displaced and more than 8 million people need assistance.
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Iraq conflict: Facts, FAQs, and how to help

When writer Kari Costanza visited the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh, she was surprised by the hope she found. Learn five signs of hope she never expected to find among refugees.

Rohingya refugee crisis: 5 signs of hope I never expected

Tornadoes pack furious winds and often leave death and destruction in their path. Here are some basic tornado facts and tips on how to prepare.
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Tornado facts: How they form and how to prepare

Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh. A woman holds a baby in Jamtoli camp. Impoverished and struggling, refugees are in need of aid.
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Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh: Facts, FAQs, and how to help

Here are five ways you and your kids can help refugees. Learn together and engage your children on an issue you care about.
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5 ways you and your kids can help refugees