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sunset in Honduras

Advent prayer guide: Living a life of influence

Runner pushes across the finish line 11-year-old athlete in wheelchair.
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Made perfect in weakness

Zambian children share a lunch of nshima, boiled greens, and mundyoli.
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In the kitchen: Mundyoli recipe

Bangladesh is one of the five worst countries for child labor . Sixteen-year-old Joytun was injured in a fire at the bakery where she worked after dropping out of school to support her family. World Vision enrolled her in an informal education program, which helped her prepare to return to school. World Vision also helped her mother start a small grocery business that more than replaces the money Joytun was making in child labor.
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Child labor: Facts, FAQs, and how to help end it

A worship service in Mali.
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2019 life frames: Storytelling from World Vision photographers

Child labor and exploitation, FGM, and human trafficking are among the greatest evils in the world. Pray with us for an end to all harms against children.
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What you need to know about child labor

Felistus Malyoongo, 15, was lured into child marriage at age 14, but the local child protection committee brought her back home. Now 15, she stands in a classroom of the school she attends in rural Zambia.
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Zambian girl runs from child marriage back to school

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5 reasons why you should sign up to be chosen as a sponsor

Sarah John brought her 6-months-old son, Yassir Ibrahim, to Gurei Nutrition Center in Juba, South Sudan, to be assessed for malnutrition.
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South Sudan: Desperate moms seek help when there’s not enough food

Students line the entrance to Morpus Primary School.
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Restoring dreams to girls fleeing child marriage

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7 ways to empower women and girls

A girl in Kenya chooses a photo of her sponsor off of a line that has many photos of Americans displayed on it.
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Yinka and Mary: A shared ambition