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An Irish author reflects upon the prayer of Saint Patrick this St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. These very powerful, uplifting words represent complete trust and faith in God our Creator.

A reflection on St. Patrick’s prayer

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One surprising way to get fit and grow your faith

How does clean water change lives? These girls wrote a poem to tell you just how life-giving and transformative it can be.

Video: Schoolgirls share their poem “Dear Water”

The Sibblies family from New York heard about the global water crisis and decided to do something about it — walk for water so others don't have to.
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Family feeds their souls by walking for water together

Syrian refugee children use art to express their feelings.
From the Field

Syrian refugee children use art to express pain and loss

Refugee child from Aleppo, Syria.
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Syria refugee crisis: Facts you need to know

A Seattle software programmer found herself on a collision course with one of the millions of Syrian families caught in the crossfire of Syria's civil war.
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From Seattle to Syria: When worlds collide

Members of Foster the People traveled to Uganda in 2016 to witness the moment when clean water arrived in the community for the first time.

Podcast with members of Foster the People, MTV’s ‘Scream’

Syrian refugee mother

Pray for people affected by conflict in Syria

A mother holds her severely malnourished baby among dozens of others visiting a clinic in Kuajok, South Sudan, where World Vision runs an outpatient therapy program. Communities here have struggled with food insecurity for years since the conflict began, but some areas are now experiencing or on the brink of famine. (©2015 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)
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Global drought, food shortages affect 70 million people in 2017

God is with people suffering from disaster — the refugee, the earthquake survivor, the family facing famine. He calls us to follow Him in offering hope to the most vulnerable in their hour of greatest need.

Matthew 25: Pray for refugees, disaster survivors

Syrian refugees, syrian family, children in refugee camp, ©2016 World Vision/Jon Warren
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5 ways you and your kids can help Syrian refugee children