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A man sits at a desk in a health clinic. He holds a bottle of pills while talking to another man.
Change Makers

What you need to know about the PEPFAR program

A teenage girl smiles widely in brightly patterned clothes and holds white papers in her hand.
From the Field

A dream unbroken: Sumaiya’s stand against child marriage

A little girl looks at dry ice in a cup her grandmother holds. Behind her is a World Vision banner in the child-safe play area.
From the Field

Never expecting to be called “refugee”

A Zambian flag waves on a pole in front of two single-story, tin-roofed school buildings. The sky behind the school is blue and clear.
From the Field

From barren walls to blooming minds: A Zambian teacher’s pursuit of inclusive education

A happy woman with a big smile holds three chicks in her hands.
Special Features

Pure joy

A smiling young boy is nestled between his parents, his arm lovingly wrapped around his mother’s neck and face.
From the Field

Venezuela crisis: Facts, FAQs, and how to help

A man and woman smile at the camera while washing dishes side by side.
From the Field

Created in God’s image and thriving

A woman searches through fire-ravaged debris. In the background, other people sift through the debris amid dust and smoke.
From the Field

Rohingya refugee crisis: Facts, FAQs, and how to help

Ever, 16, and his mom, Carmen, are part of a thriving community in Yamaranguila, Honduras. The community has benefitted from World Vision’s child sponsorship and community development model.
From the Field

Child sponsorship helps families thrive at home in Honduras

From a hilltop, one can see a lake in the far-off distance, surrounded by lush green hills and a fence made of tires.
Change Makers

Best Christian podcasts to grow your faith

A woman in a white vest and orange shirt hugs a girl to her shoulder.
From the Field

Turning pain into power: Using music to advocate against stigmas

A man stands next to a plot of land that recently has been cultivated.
From the Field

Enhancing livelihoods through improved cassava cultivation

A smiling woman in a headscarf hugs a laughing girl.
From the Field

A fuller life for Aprilia