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Looking for Father's Day gift ideas that aren't a tie? Honor your dad while helping people in need. Give back and pay it forward with gift ideas for dads who love the outdoors, education, health, music, sports, and more.
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Father’s Day gift ideas that pay it forward

New York City has been worst-affected by the Coronavirus in the United States.World Vision’s Family Emergency Kits are distributed at Iglesia Sol De Justicia church in Brooklyn. The local school district identified vulnerable families to receive aid during the COVID-19 crisis.
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What is the coronavirus? Facts, symptoms, and how to help

Coronavirus prayer: A new coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world. As infections and the death toll rise, we turn to God for wisdom and comfort.

Prayers for people affected by the new coronavirus

Handwashing is important in reducing your exposure to and the transmission of the new coronavirus, among other illnesses. But do you know how to properly wash your hands? It may be more complicated than you think.
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How to wash your hands properly

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the news and daily conversations, which can be scary for children. Learn how to talk to kids about the coronavirus.
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How to talk to your kids about the coronavirus

Venezuelan migrants walk on the road in Colombia. Some had been on the road for 18 days before crossing into Colombia. For the next leg of their journey, they will climb the steep roadway to elevations of 10,000 and 12,000 feet where the temperatures can be below freezing, especially at night. Two of the children are under six-months-old. “This is what happens when you can’t make enough money to feed your family. You have to leave any way you can,” says the group leader.
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Venezuela crisis: Facts, FAQs, and how to help

How many refugees in the world? More than 65 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes, the most since World War II. About 22.5 million of them have fled their own countries as refugees. Find out the top six countries where refugees come from.
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Forced to flee: Top countries refugees are coming from

People wave with signs outside the U.S. Capitol building
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4 ways the 2020 U.S. election matters in fighting poverty

Eight-year-old Ireen dips her cup into a pool in Malawi.
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Walking for water determines Ireen’s future in Malawi

A person holds a Bible.
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6 characteristic traits of Jesus as a leader

Lucy advocates with her state representative to end violence against children.
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A Missouri teen invests her time in advocating for children

God is with people suffering from disaster — refugees, earthquake survivors, families facing famine. Join us in prayer for refugees, prayer for disaster survivors, and prayer for all who find themselves “strangers,” as Jesus calls them in Matthew 25:35.

Matthew 25: Prayer for refugees, disaster survivors

An American family poses with a Kenyan girl in Kenya.
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A family on mission to end the global water crisis