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Chris Huber

From the Field

Widow discovers child-focused purpose in wake of loss

Kim still grieves her husband’s death, but has found purpose in loss, thanks to strong faith, a loving church community, and some generous donors. World Vision and her church provided her with a sectional sofa, two living room chairs, various food supplies, and a dining room table with matching chairs.

From the Field

West Virginia school helps students get back on track

At any given time, Academy Programs houses, feeds, counsels, coaches, and educates about 70 of the toughest, least motivated middle- and high-school students from around the state. Of the 185 students who came through the program in 2018, the average grade-point average was a 1.38 when they entered the school. When they transitioned out, they carried a collective GPA of 3.0, says Principal Matt Kittle. Most incoming students — 84% of them — tested below their grade level in reading, as did 83% of students in math. While here, almost 4 out of 5 students increase their math and reading scores one grade level or more. World Vision helps provide resources for the staff so they can better help kids succeed.

Change Makers

Facts about how child sponsorship works

So, you’re interested in sponsoring a child. But you’re on the fence because you’re not sure how it works — or if it works. Here are some basic facts about how World Vision child sponsorship works and why you won’t regret investing in a child’s life.

When you sponsor a child through World Vision, you join a movement of 604,000 people in the United States who give up about $1.30 a day to impact a child for a lifetime. World Vision child sponsorship is Christ-centered, child-focused, and community-based. We’re serious when we say that for every child sponsored, four more experience the benefits.

From the Field

7 of the worst disasters in 2018

As these seven of the worst disasters in 2018 show us, children and families around the world experienced tremendous pain and suffering this past year. But there remains a glimmer of light in each of them. Hope has not been snuffed out.