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4 ways the 2020 U.S. election matters in fighting poverty

The U.S. election issues we’re watching this year are unlikely to be the same as those debated on television, but they will affect how World Vision and other organizations are able to work to end extreme poverty. Our partnership with the U.S. government strengthens and scales our work, and that partnership depends on support from our leaders. The greater the support for wise, compassionate policies that value all people, the better we can work alongside government leaders to help communities lift themselves out of poverty.

Change Makers

6 characteristic traits of Jesus as a leader

In the 2020 elections, we’ll choose our country’s next leader. When we look to Jesus’ life for guidance on what qualities a leader should have, we see Jesus both giving more to us and asking for more from us than our earthly leaders. Our human leaders, including our election candidates, can’t live up to the example Jesus set, which is why we follow Jesus first. Jesus’ examples challenges us to rethink what we value in our earthly leaders.

Change Makers

10 tips for how to talk to your kids about the 2020 U.S. election

A divisive election season can be tough on both kids and parents. How can parents talk to children about the election in a way that’s positive, reassuring, and God-honoring? We talked to a marriage and family therapist and came up with 10 tips to help parents navigate the election with their kids in a way that stresses values, working together, and respectful conversation.


6 ways to pray for our country during the election

God calls us to pray in all situations — no exceptions for an election year. When we make the decision to pray for our leaders and country, we make a bold choice to demonstrate Jesus’ love regardless of what’s going on around us. The prayers offered here call for wisdom, love, and unity — in and between election candidates, and us. As we navigate what will likely be a divisive time for our country, we pray boldly that God will help us see each other through His eyes and help our leaders make godly decisions.