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From the Field

Irrigation system transforms a community in Zimbabwe

Ruramai leads a community irrigation committee. Through her position, she’s changing the stigma associated with being a widow while the community around her also changes as a result of the irrigation system ENSURE brought. In rural Zimbabwe, women often live in poverty with no opportunities to better their lives. ENSURE, a USAID-funded program, helped change that.

From the Field

Gift Catalog alpacas improve income, health in Ecuador

Located nearly 12,500 feet above sea level, families in the Guarguallá Grande community collectively care for 45 alpacas provided through the World Vision Gift Catalog. In total, 266 families in three mountainous communities raise 420 alpacas for their milk and wool, which they use and make products to sell. In 2018, the communities harvested 413 pounds of wool from the alpacas gifted through the Gift Catalog.