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Child Marriage

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How World Vision does child protection around the world

More than half of the world’s children experience some form of violence every year. World Vision protects children and looks out
 for their well-being by ensuring communities and faith leaders 
are actively working to identify 
and support children in need; advocating for children’s rights; and providing for immediate needs, such as emergency shelter and essential care.


Salmina escapes from child marriage

Last year, at only 15, Salmina felt that her life was at stake when she was forced to marry a 58-year-old man and leave school. Thanks to a community member who was trained in child protection issues by World Vision, she escaped from the nightmare. Now she is looking forward to going back to school and pursuing her dream of teaching mathematics.


A child marriage: Betrothed before birth

The documentary Girl Rising aims to ignite a movement to educate girls around the world. Millions of girls, like Jenneh in Sierra Leone, face barriers like child marriage to their education. This is Jenneh’s story.

Special Features

Walking with the world’s women

MARCH 1, 2013 — Around the world millions of women and girls lack access to nutrition, education, legal freedom, and healthcare — perpetuating the cycle of poverty. We invite you to pray for the challenges that keep women and girls from reaching their full potential.