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20 reasons to have hope in 2020

Hope shines a light in the darkness. It’s infectious, even healing. Hope shines a light in the darkness. Let’s look at 20 reasons we were thankful as we entered 2020 — and prayers for each.


Smartphones and gas stoves in rural Rwanda

When you think of rural farming communities in Africa, do you picture technologies like smartphones and kitchens with gas stoves? Find out how innovative technologies are changing the way people farm and cook in Rwanda!


UPDATE: Protection from child sacrifice — It’s working!

One of our most innovative programs, an Amber Alert designed to save children from being sacrificed in Uganda, is working! Project manager Obed Byamugisha risks his life every day in a battle against witch doctors. See how he’s helping communities in Uganda work together to keep their children safe.

From the Field

Campaign For Every Child: Finishing the race

In 2010, we embarked on a mission unlike any we’d undertaken before. In the midst of the worst economic crisis of our day, we launched World Vision’s Campaign For Every Child. Our audacious goal was to raise $500 million and change the lives of 20 million people worldwide. We felt God calling us to make this bold move — and many of you felt the same call.


Child sacrifice: Protection through pierced ears in Uganda

In certain districts of Uganda, child sacrifice is a real danger. Today, Kari Costanza writes from Uganda about 3-year-old Sharon, whose pierced ears may protect her. Read how a World Vision-supported amber alert program is helping to recover children that have been taken.